Techpillar is focused on defending your online privacy. This privacy arrangement applies to your data that Techpillar gathers and gets. By utilizing this site, ("Website"), you consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Please read the policy document to see how your Personal Information will be dealt with as you utilize Techpillar services. If you don't mind take note of that, Techpillar audits and upgrades this Privacy Policy every now and then as required without notification. All promoted terms not characterized in this Privacy Policy have the same importance as characterized in Techpillar Terms of Use.


Individual Information


We gather both individual and non-individual data. For this Privacy Policy, when we utilize "Individual Information" implies data that is actually identifiable, for example, first and last name, work locales, client name and password connected with your record, email addresses, or telephone numbers, data about you that you provide to us through the Websites and also other non-open data that you are connected with. Techpillar gathers and uses individual data as portrayed in this Privacy Policy from the Users of our Services.


We may gather Personal Information from you when you register to utilize specific services of Techpillar, when you enlist to take an interest in a group dialogs, when you join to get newsletter, when you use services such as get a quote or book a demo, when you buy any other service from us, when you utilize an outsider site, or in different cases where you positively give such information to us. Moreover, in order to use any of our services, notwithstanding your name and contact data, we will likewise gather and may keep up your official address, information about your PC's web location and site which may have alluded or guided you to the Site (e.g., the alluding URL).


We don't as of now gather any financial information, for example (credit card number, type, expiration date or other financial information etc).


Gathered Information


When we utilize the expression "Gathered Information" we mean data other than Personal Information that we (either specifically or through our affiliates) gather at whatever point you visit the Website or generally associate with us on the web.


Amid your visit to site, our frameworks, or those of our affiliates, may consequently recognize your name and IP address (es), date and time of visits, browser type, the site from which your visit began, page visits, time spent on website pages, advertisements looked over or clicked and other information that we gather naturally or generally as per normal procedure.


Technology is continually changing, yet we by and large collect Information in the following ways:


IP Address: Your IP Address is a number that is dynamically assigned to your PC by your Internet Service Provider. When you see pages from any of our Websites, our servers may record or "log" your IP Address and in some cases your space name.


Cookies: Cookies are txt records generated by a site and placed on your PC. Cookies might be set to store data amid a visit or for a more extended timeframe. Our Website uses cookies to improve your experience on our website. Cookies may likewise track where you go on any of our site, what information, and advertisements you clicked at or scrolled over, and which website your visited after leaving from our website.


Clear GIFs: A Clear GIF is a one-pixel, transparent picture (in spite of the fact that it can be an visible picture too), situated on a website page or in an email or other kind of message, or some other website on the Internet confirming the viewing/receipt of the web page or mail etc. We may use Clear GIFs similarly as cookies.


Clicks: Our server additionally may record the page that connected you to us and related information, for example, any advertisements you may have clicked and so on.


Device Information: You might visit our site from your cell phone or from some other device such a Laptop, tablet etc. We or our affiliates may get data such as device type etc once you visit to our website through cell phones, tablets etc. If possible, we can also gather information such as Device ID numbers to PCs or different devices. A few components of the Website may take into account the gathering of phone numbers which help us relating that cell number to mobile phone device id.


Following Pixels: We may utilize certain technologies, for example, pixel tracking to see sites you visit after you visit our site.


Email: If you get email from us and open our message or click on any links of our email, we may utilize certain tools to capture information. Some email messages may likewise contain tracking pixels etc that gather and give information to us.


Geolocation: If you visit the site from a PC or tablet, we may likewise gather general data with respect to your physical area.


This Privacy Policy covers tools and technologies as discussed-above, and does not cover the technologies used by third part affiliates. We don't control when or how 3rd party utilizes such tools on your PC.


LinkedIn Login Policy


Our site permits you to join and sign in using your LinkedIn account. Upon signing in using LinkedIn credentials, LinkedIn will request your consent to share certain data from your LinkedIn account with Techpillar. This incorporates but not limited to, your first name, last name, location, summary, industry, designation, picture, profile url, company name, connections list and a link to your LinkedIn profile.


This data is gathered by LinkedIn and is given to us under the terms of LinkedIn's Privacy Policy. You can control the data that we get from LinkedIn visiting the privacy settings as a part of your LinkedIn account.


Online networking Platforms


When you "like" or "follow" us on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs or any other online social platform, we may gather your data. This data may incorporate your name, email address, remarks or your post or comment relevant to us.


Our site may likewise contain connections to different sites, for example, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, that are not under our control. Using a shared button/link showing up on our site will launch a sharing mechanism to allow you to post link, content from our website onto different sites.


Keep in mind if you submit data through online social websites, your data is likewise represented by their privacy policy, and the data you share may be publically visible.


Different Sources


We may likewise get data about you from 3rd party sources to help us better serve you or to inform you about our offering and services that might bear some significance with you. We may likewise buy records containing your Personal Information (e.g., postal location, telephone number, email address) for promoting and marketing purposes.


Disclosure of User Information


We may disclose information related to you such as name, phone number, location etc to provide our services to you or to speak with you for responding to your requests, booking demos, and for other client services purposes, this may incorporate speaking with you by means of email as well.


Services, Marketing & Promotional purposes


We may share certain information related to you with our direct affiliates or product vendors on products or services that you have expressed interest on in order to establish communication between the two. Such request but not limited to include get a quote, book a demo or any other services provide by our website to the users.


Vendor Affiliates


We may share user Information or gathered Information with outsiders that perform services for us. Our affiliates may provide services such as responding to queries, marketing program etc in order to meet your request. Such services which require help and joint effort with affiliates incorporates taking after yet not restricted to it – get a Quote, Book a Demo, Consulting services, products interested and so on.


Ad Network Provider (Affiliates)


We may utilize affiliates to do digital marketing on our website, and may use tools related to traffic estimation for improving website performance. We may use Network advertisement affiliates for displaying advertisements taking into account your visits to different sites you have gone by. This permits us and our affiliates to target advertisements to you for product and services that may intrigue you. Our site, ad network provider and advertiser may use their own tools such as cookies and different technologies on your machine.


Please take a note you need to renew your opt out choice in case if you delete, block or restrict cookies or if you use some new browser or PC. Please choose to opt out if you do not want to see advertisements on the website not relevant to you wherever possible.


Contact us


In case of specific questions or issues about privacy policy on the website, please contact Techpillar e-mail at, and we will attend to your request and make any necessary revisions if required.