We work hard to earn your confidence. Below are some of the guidelines we operate by to ensure Techpillar is the most respected and reliable source of information and help our users to decide upon best of breed products and solutions for your enterprise. We expect all our users to follow these guidelines, as well as our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as we reserve the right to reject any posts and/or terminate any user account that we feel falls outside the guidelines below:


We do not promote users to review their employer’s products or those of their employer’s competitors. Business partners of our vendors (those with a business relationship with the vendor, such as authorized reseller) can often provide valuable content, so are not restricted from leaving reviews on Techpillar.


Product Vendors (Manufacturers/OEM) cannot influence their ratings, placement, sort order, etc. with monetary related benefits with us. We do not remove, modify and add user reviews & content at a vendor request or act as fact finders to facilitate disputes between vendors and users.


Users can submit content via the Q&A, Product Reviews, Articles and Community Discussions sections of the website; you will submit only content that is relevant to a particular product, product feature or technology to which the Q&A, Reviews and discussion sections relates. Please do not post or submit any content that discusses a different product or that otherwise distracts from the focus of the product, product feature or technology under discussion.


When Your Question or Answer, Reviews & Articles will be posted?


User provided content will typically be posted on our site within 1 business day after they are received. When a question or answer or review is posted it becomes visible to other visitors who can then start responding to it.


If your submission is not visible within 1 business day, it was probably not posted due to a violation of our guidelines. In these cases, we encourage you to review our Community Terms of Use and resubmit an updated version of your question or answer.


What is your Quote and Book Demo timeliness?


Usually upon submitting the request for arranging the quotes and booking demos, we start processing request within next business day after they are received. Techpillar Technical advisors reach out to you upon receiving the request within same day or next business day.

Process completes in 3 different stages, for which respective users are informed with current status and tentative timelines on emails and users can also track request status from their personalized account sections under “My Requests”.


User always have an option to send reminders from their respective Account Section or can reach out to us on provided support centre number as part of the follow up. Closure timelines varies basis on various parameters including user location, manufacturer support or any other legalities involved in the process. However, we always strive for the minimum request closure time.     


Tips for Sharing and Asking Content!


This is applicable for all content publish features including product reviews, Q&A, Start a discussion and technology articles.


Help others: This platform is around sharing content that helps the whole community—don’t limit thinking to yourself. Posts that don’t relate to the definite topic, or are too specific to your personal situation or otherwise off topic will not be approved.


Practice good writing: Your writing doesn't have to be perfect, but we expect you to make an effort. Posts using excessively poor grammar and/or spelling, or improper formatting, capitalization, or punctuation will not be approved.


No proprietary or confidential information: We fully respect the rights to use of information of other companies to protect their proprietary and confidential information. Posts that offer organizations copyrighted information, company trade secrets, or any other information you are contractually prevented from disclosing will not be approved.


Balanced Perspective: Reviews can include radiant endorsement and comment on favourite features, but be sure to mention those features that could use improvement or the time the product didn’t work quite as you expected. Other users generally show less trust in overwhelmingly positive/negative feedbacks because they don’t present a balanced and genuine user experience; we all know that no one, and no solution is perfect, and the highest-quality reviews reflect that.


Be Constructive: It is best to precisely express yourself and your level of experience related to products, services and technologies. Sharing particular examples of how the product has worked for you, and why it is or isn’t a good fit for a similar-size organization. Has the product integrated with one or more other products? Let us know how that has worked out. Reviews that speak to situations and use cases that align with your peers’ priorities will be that much more relevant and valuable.


We appreciate all your efforts to remain within these guidelines and be part of a lively and constructive community of professionals!